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unexpected flower at night, you best.

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Hmm, whom to pester with the meme? Baun?

My travel itinerary

I tend to write day-by-day travel diaries after my foreign ventures; this is the first time I’ve ventured to do one in English, do it mainly for my newfound Czech friends.

Anyway, we woke up at that awful hour one has to get up when flying out of Iceland (definitely if you need to take a transit flight), half past four in the morning. Kissed the kids without waking them up, no need to do that, the younger ones would go to my parents later in the morning and the teenager had the permission to stay home alone for the week (first time ever, for more than one night).

Airport, couldn’t check in ourselves, as our ticket was a Reykjavík Airway Bridge one (Reykjavík and Icelandair have a sponsor program going, for musicians exporting their art abroad, not bad), the woman checking us in watched us and our 2 small bags and wondered why we had 100 kilograms weight allowance each, for the plane (a lot of the Airway Bridge ticket holders are of course bands, with tons of equipment).


Anyway, once inside the airport we had the mandatory coffee (Jón Lárus)/hot chocolate (me) and croissant, bought a book to read on the plane, opened the laptop but of course the net wasn’t free. No way I needed it so much I’d pay for it, so we just turned it off again. Bought a new memory card for the camera, turned out to be the wrong size (must remember to go to Elko electronic supermarket today and have it changed)

Flight was uneventful, then we landed at Kastrup in Denmark, had an expensive burger and even more expensive beer at a Nørrebro Bryghus pub at the airport, then check in again for the Prague flight, found an Italian food magazine laying around in the lounge area, Jón reads Italian so he had something to look at in the flight. An interesting story of how the ice cream cone came to be.

The plane was interestingly enough Faroese, a small jet. We had to take a bus to the plane and then when everyone had boarded and we were on our way, I thought the plane was actually going to drive all the way to Prague, took ages to drive to the end of the runway.

Once in the air the flight took a short time, and when we landed, it only took about 15 minutes for us to get off the plane, get the bags and out. Exchanged some Euro into Czech Korunas.

Eydís and Vařek the bassoonist came to pick us up at the airport, thanx, and drove to Plzeň. Took about an hour more, then we arrived at our destination, the flat we borrowed in Plzeň. Amazingly enough, not only could we borrow a flat, no fee, for the whole time, but they had also filled the fridge with food, store-bought and homemade, f.ex. a huge jar of the most amazing mouth-watering meatballs, made by Jaromir the flute player’s father.

No lacking in beer or wine, here’s me on that first night, we were pretty well tired. Nice red wine helped…

I sort of like the colour of the walls (most anyone reading my Icelandic blog knows my absolutely favourite colour)

Not long after this photo was taken, I fell asleep nose down in book.


online again, been in the Czech Republic for the last 5 days in a flat where I didn’t have a chance for the net (oy vey!).

Now in Copenhagen, the Czechs were brilliant, already missing them, hope to go back soon. Must try to remember my German better, if I’ll be going regularly to Plzen, English isn’t all that widely spoken there.

Holiday in Denmark for a couple of days, home late Saturday evening. No more now, onwards to my almost 300 rss entries…

bike found

well, I think so, at least :D Same kind of bike was in the police lost-and-found place, a bit worse for wear, we’ll have to fix the tyres and clean the chain and such. At least he can ride again.

Hope this really IS his one, can’t really be sure…

which bear

would you rather meet: this one, or maybe that one? (mind you, not for the faint of heart) Well, or maybe the first one, were he hungry.

Reason for the post is that last 2 weeks 2 polar bears have shown up in the north of Iceland. Not their normal habitat, last time we had a polar bear here was about 20 years ago.

The first bear they just shot. Public outcry. Second one they at least tried to get alive, but failed, had to shoot it. I’m all for trying, but if it’s deemed to be dangerous, well, I wouldn’t have a polar bear alive and a human dead.

amazing photo

The sun and Venus:


the family’s teen just got the word that she made the junior college she wants to attend. Which happens to be the country’s top school :D

national holiday

Today is the national holiday of Iceland, commemorating Iceland’s independence day, 1944.

Normally a rather unorganized parade down the main shopping street, a couple of bands playing, some boy/girl scouts in front, then downtown various artists and musicians in different places, people drift about, activities for the kids in the public gardens, rather nice, really. Used to be that you could buy candyfloss and hot-dogs + some huge hard candy bits, now there’s a bit more variety, we like to sit down with a burger and beer.

Weather’s really nice, sunny (well, a bit of wind) and fairly warm. We’ll probably join the parade, with the younger kids, anyway, then the extended family’ll be around for some traditional Icelandic pancakes, rolled up with sugar, or some jam and whipped cream. Hmm, must remember to call my brother and invite him…

stolen bike

Our youngest son’s bike’s been stolen. Irritating as hell. Meant to report it today, but the office had closed, by the time we went there. The bike wasn’t an expensive or even a good one, I’m hoping somebody has just biked somewhere and then left the bike laying around.

Not sure, though, apparently there are criminals around here that fill big containers with stolen goods and ship them out of the country. Middle girl’s bike was taken, last year. Grrr!

humble pie

well not really, but normally my icelandic blog tends to be the top blog in the dashboard, I’m sort of irritated if anybody’s higher than me (well, must admit that wordpress isn’t the top blogging host in Iceland, blogspot’s way higher, and then there’s the hated Of course there’s no sign of me in the english-speaking wordpress dashboard – not that I expected this :D

a monster under your bed?

skrímsli undir rúmi?, originally uploaded by hildigunnur.

Bound and Gagged, my absolute favourite comic :D

well, at least…

he won’t be there very much longer:

While suturing a laceration on the hand of a 90 year old man (he got his hand caught in a gate while working his cattle) a doctor and the old man were discussing Bush’s health care reform ideas.

The old man said, “Well, ya know, old Bush is a post turtle.”

So, not knowing what he meant the doctor asked him what a “post turtle” was. And he said, “When you’re driving down a country road, and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle. You know he didn’t get there by himself, he doesn’t belong there, he can’t get anything done while he’s up there, and you just want to help the poor thing down.”


I’m afraid I have to take the car, going to my parents’ place for some computer assistance (my mom’s Mail’s gone down) and then to get some summer flowers for the garden. A bit too far for a bike tour and, well, it’s hard to fit a box of flowers on our bikes…

red, red wine

on our second one tonight, Masi, Brolo di Campofiorin



Well, I suppose everyone here has noticed gas prices going up (wahaha), so I and hubby have decided to bike it as much as possible. Fortunately we live in central Reykjavík, which means it’s not far to most of our destinations. He rides the bike to work almost every day, and lately I do too (I’ve still to take the bike to singing at a funeral, maybe next Monday, though).

Anyway, we reeeally needed a bottle of white for our chicken and risotto dinner tonight. I was totally tired, having gone swimming with the eight-year-old + friend, so I didn’t fancy a ride to the mall. Talking to my mother on the phone, she was really admiring our biking around, so I decided we could just as well do it.

Bike we did, and enjoying our dinner and white wine, I didn’t regret it for a second…

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