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weather we’ve got here at the moment. New heat record in Reykjavík, 25,7° Centigrade (78,3° F), people bathing in the local river:


and trying not to melt in the garden:


Went for a long bike ride, glad that we didn’t take the 8 yr old with us, he’d probably have given up half way. The 16 yr old teen never wants to go biking with us anymore :( 12 year old would have enjoyed it but stayed home, so it was only the old couple biking around Reykjavík.

The freaky weather here (also unusual thunder and lightning in the North) is apparently the remains of Hurricane Bertha. Same thing happened here in August 2004, unusually warm air coming here. I must say, I won’t complain. Hope the hurricanes aren’t wreaking too much havoc in the more southerly realms…


Just for fun

here’s one out of 10 violin duets I made last year. Violinists Hlíf Sigurjónsdóttir and Martin Frewer. Enjoy (I hope). More later.

good answer:

No matter who you supported in the primary,
this is just simply a wonderful response by
Jon Stewart to a stupid question:

Is America ready for a black president?

In Larry King’s interview with Jon Stewart,
Larry brought up the subject of the primaries
and asked Stewart if America was ready for
a woman or a black president.

Jon looked at him quizzically and said, “This
is such a non-question.

Did anyone ask us in 2000 if Americans were
ready for a moron?”


look at this!

Doesn’t seem to be photoshopped, apparently a safe “pool” just there. don’t know if I’d dare try, though…

a bit

less tired, still lazy and not doing very much, that’s nice. Went swimming with the eight-year-old yesterday and today, not bad at all.

The plan is to recommend that we go next time as well – haven’t the faintest idea where in the world the symposium will be next time, maybe New Zealand, who knows? (will be announced tomorrow, I think, exciting). This symposium is every 3 years. Then we might want to frequent the ACDA thing too (American Choral Director’s Association), have to find out where that is. And if all this happens, I can look forward to jetsetting around, whee!

Would want to take my choir with me sometime, though…


from Denmark, brilliant to be back home.

Had a great trip, though, (one of the best things being having this great free internet at the hotel – definitely paid for the breakfast not being included in the price, which I didn’t realize beforehand).

Well, actually, hearing all those great choirs in concerts, listening to interesting composers in workshops and more, I can’t and won’t complain. It was a brilliant trip, I managed to give all my booklets away, plus the 10 CD’s with my own material – didn’t want to promote myself too much, since the trip was paid for by Iceland Music Export Office, and I wasn’t supposed to use it for my own promotion any more than my fellow composers’s.

Heard choirs (choruses to you US citizens) from the whole world, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, France, then all the Nordic countries, followed the Icelandic choir around, since their were the venues to give away our promo material. Didn’t have any time off at all, hardly, and now I’m totally tired.

Next trip looming

yes, Denmark this time, the enthusiasm for travel’s started to wane, I must say, especially when I don’t have any of my family with me. Glad this isn’t a very long trip, I’ll definitely have a good time but it might be hard, I’m going to be a public relations person for Icelandic choral music in a big international forum for choral conductors and composers, in Copenhagen.

Never been a public relations anything before, though. At first, someone from the Icelandic Music Export Office was going to go along, but the last I heard (3 days ago) he hadn’t given a definite answer. Hmm. I don’t even know him by sight. Well, we’ll see.

Sort of looking forward to coming home for a hard-earned holiday, next Wednesday.

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