čas čtyři

Sort of needed fresh bread that morning, got some excellent sourdough bread from the little shop. Eydís called us, and told us there would be a bus strike from 13:00-14:00 that day, so we’d have to figure out how to plan our day, I had a lecture at the university (gaah!) at 4 o’clock.

Downtown, met up with Eydís, again to that window drape shop thingie, but no, didn’t help having a Czech speaking with us, they still didn’t have the material on stock. Oh well. Went on a tour of the city’s catacombs, pretty amazing, miles and kilometres of underground caves and tunnels, we only walked through 800 meters (about half a mile) but the tunnels are way longer. The old city is really small, and when they wanted to expand, they seem to have just burrowed deeper. Layers and layers of tunnels.

Back to the flat, meatballs, uhmmm! along with sauerkraut and bread and butter.

My lecture was looming, at 4 o’clock, I had almost chickened out, really don’t like speaking about my music, my fellow composer Jiří Bezdék had agreed to make it a question-and-answer thing. Anyway, back in the flat, I decided to try to organize myself, sat down with my laptop with it’s damaged screen and ended up writing the lecture down to the point that I didn’t really need the questions. Had made a CD with the music I wanted to present, and sort of knitted my lecture around that.

Jaromír picked us up from the flat and drove to the University, Music department. Then a bit later had to drive off for an interview at the radio, I was supposed to be there too, but they changed the schedule so it got to be at the same time as the lecture (typical, but oh well!).

waiting for the clock to turn 4

Met up with my translator into Czech, poor girl of course hadn’t had the chance to read through the lecture, as we hadn’t thought there would be a real one, she borrowed my computer, had a few questions but turned out just fine. Not quite sure anybody needed a translation, though, most people seemed to understand my English just fine (laughed in the right places, anyway).

Now, what was I going to say, just now?

Anyway, the lecture went just fine, might develop a taste. (well, wouldn’t mind doing it again, since I wrote it and all. Didn’t really stick to the manuscript, but that’s me. Will need to put the CD in the correct order, and not forget Syngur sumarregn, nope)! Didn’t see anyone falling asleep, anyway, and got some questions at the end, though I didn’t leave much time for questioning. Applause seemed a bit long to be just courteous, so I hope it meant people liked it.

Sort of glad when it was done, the only thing in the whole trip I was sort of nervous about. Jirí Bezdék was awfully sorry how few had turned up (about 15), exam time at the uni, had I been there, maybe March, the room would have been crowded. Said I must come again, not that I would mind!

Went for dinner with Eydís downtown, to Restaurant Svejk (suppose there will be one in every Czech town, definitely in Prague and Plzeň). I noticed wild boar on the menu and being an avid reader of Asterix, of course I had to order just that.


Was going to order potato croquettes along, but the title American Potatoes intrigued me, so I had to order those as a side dish:

oooh kaayy, what’s so American about those? A long time favourite. Hmm.

Walked all the way to the radio house, after dinner, this we saw on our way:

a camembert burger, there. Hermelin means camembert or brie, this is a burger with white cheese instead of meat. Hmm, special.

At the rehearsel we listened to the 5 Birds (my premiére piece) again, plus the folk song arrangements, I added recorders to some songs I’d already arranged. Now look at Vašek with this amazing instrument:

contrabass recorder
a contrabass recorder and player :)

After the rehearsal, Jaromír drove us home. Lucky for us that he decided to stop and see if we got in, because we just didn’t! Tried the key, back and forth to no avail. Gaad, wouldn’t have wanted to tackle that by ourselves! He tried to call the owner of the flat, no answer. After much hesitation, he decided to knock on a window on the ground floor, but apparently the lady behind the window knew of the problem with the lock and keys and let us in, no questions asked. Whew! Really, really glad to get inside, can’t really tell you how much. Key to the flat inside worked. Good. Sleep.

2 Responses to “čas čtyři”

  1. 1 inmate1972 July 4, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    I’m always surprised (and very ashamed) at what is labeled “American Food” overseas. It makes me feel like I live in a country of troglodytes. Oh, course, having actually met troglodytes and experiencing their cuisine, that’s rather insulting because troglodytes eat rather well (or at least they do in Northern Africa). So basically, yeah, American food sucks.

    Okay, then! Back to topic! Excellent writing! Can’t wait to read more about your trip!

  2. 2 hrunars July 4, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    hehe, yes, one tends to think of McD and Starbucks when American food comes up. Which is a shame, since of course there’s so much great food in the US. A lot of it derived from the old countries, so maybe there’s not all that much originally American.

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