čas pět

or day five:

House key worked fine in the morning, we didn’t dare go outside both at once, but it wasn’t a problem.  Weird.

Jón Lárus fell asleep again after breakfast, this was actually his worst cold day.  I let him sleep for a while, but then we had to go to town, wanted to maybe buy some clothes for the kids (might be cheaper than home) and look for the drapes once more.  Went to a Tesco downtown, but it turned out to be way more expensive than the Interspar, so the only thing we bought there was a sweater for the eight-year-old.  No drapes around there, either.  Wanted to buy some Bohemia Sekt to take home, but in Tesco it cost almost a third more than in Interspar, so we decided rather to go there on the way back.  Then we found it even cheaper in a little wine shop on the way downtown, so we got 2 bottles there, one for us and one for our hosts.

Went to the same pub as the day before, for some beer, in the same house was the Beer Museum.  Bought a dark beer from Prazdroj, called Master, it was probably the best beer we had the whole trip.  Even the dark Budvar (which we admittedly only got from a bottle, not from tap) couldn’t compete.

Wanted to buy the glass, (no, we don’t steal them – not anymore), asked the waiter, he said:  In the museum.  So we went there, but they only had boring old Urquell glasses, told us to go to the brewery to get a Master glass.

(as an aside, see our beer glass collection):

Didn’t have the time to go back to the pub to try again, nevermind the brewery, rehearsal in Plzeň’s City Hall ten minutes later:

We helped the players carry their equipment upstairs, Jón only managed one trip, then sat down, terribly weak, I’ve hardly ever seen my poor husband so weak.

Andrea, the singer had her little son with her to the rehearsal, a really sweet little boy who can almost crawl:

The group ran through all the pieces, sounding good, the city hall has good acoustics so it was a huge change from the radio studio, which is of course really dry.

After my pieces had been ran, we headed back, Jón for some needed sleep, and both of us to change clothes for the concert.  Meant to take the bus to the concert, but when we were back, we had thunder and lightning and of course the pouring rain to go with it.  (Temperature dropped from 31° to 19° Celsius in an hour, that’s quite a lot).  Called Eydís to ask if somebody could pleeeeaze pick us up, or maybe call a taxi for us.  Not a problem, Vašek came for us, a bit earlier than we’d planned to leave, so we changed in a hurry – then had to wait, since there was an accident on the way and he got stuck in traffic.  Never mind, we were in good time for the concert.  Jón got an aspirin from Jaromír, which helped a great deal.

Concert was excellent, both I and Bezdék had to stand up and introduce our pieces (I got to speak in Icelandic and Eydís translated into Czech).  Sorry not to have a recording of the pieces – well I do have some rehearsal run-throughs, taken on my little camera, but don’t want to publish them without the permission of the players.

Afterwards we went to a private little pub, for something to eat and drink.

Found out that Katka had contacted Freyja via Stardoll, that was fun.

Keys worked, thankfully, when we got home after a loooong day.  Set the mobiles to ring in the morning, and fell straight into bed.

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