čas šest

sixth day

Telephones beeped at eight oh oh, up, shower, some washing up, breakfast, pack, in a fair hurry, not too bad, though. Jaromír was going to pick us up at 10:00, we could come back to finish packing, decided just to try to finish, so we wouldn’t have to come back to the flat.

Boy, was that the right decision!?!

Anyway, Jaromír came and we were ready, bags, clean flat, and all. Off we went to find an iron bar, as explained here, took a short while to find the first place, no such bar, off to the second one and there they had miles of the stuff.


Had to wait a bit, but when we got help it took only a few minutes, then a happy couple went out, with the means to fix our iron gate. Even bought two, to be sure.


Jaromír then had to drive to his mother’s place with some documents, not far from her house I spotted a Jysk (a Faroese conglomerate) and mentioned the – well, what do you think? – window drapes.

Jaromír said, well, let’s check another shop first, in a smallish shopping center, close to his mother’s place. And what do you think? Yep, we got them! Cost about 700 korunas, the shop didn’t take cards, we only had 100 korunas, Jaromír insisted to pay, took our 100 korunas and the rest was a present to us.


We then went to a drug store in the same center and got some cough drops for Jón (I got to pay for those!), then to pick up Jaromír’s car, which was being repaired, he had been on a loaned car from the garage. On the way we ran into Eydís, waiting for the bus to come to his place (yes, it’s a small world, indeed). Turned out the car wasn’t quiiiite ready, waited there for over half an hour, the time for our goulash lunch at Jaromír’s and Alena’s place shortened.

Finally the car was ready, and we drove off. Had about an hour to give and receive some presents, I’d also like to live somewhere that you can walk out with a 2 liter jug, to the next bar, and return with it, full of the greatest beer!


Goulash made by Jaromír’s father – same as the meatballs mentioned earlier, every bit as good, a nice bite to it, we got rice and bread along. Tried the Czech way, to break the bread into small pieces and pour the goulash soup over, could have disposed of the rice, this was good.

Then after saying thanks and goodbye to Alena, Jaromír and Eydís drove us to Prague International Airport. For a short time I wondered how come an airport for a country this size seemed to be so much smaller and less busy than our Keflavik Airport, for a nation of 300 thousand people, but then of course realized that the Czechs can drive abroad – which we of course can’t :(

Sorry to say goodbye to Jaromír, the others too, but especially he’d been so great to us, going to such lengths to help, can’t think of how to repay.

Airport check-in went really quick, then we sat down in a pub advertizing Master beer, but then only having Kozel dark, which is nowhere close to as good. I was glad I decided not to order one for myself. Grrr! Jón used almost half of the beer for an aspirin to dissolve, that’s how bad it was!

But, well, flight as usual, a normal SAS flight, not the Faroese Atlantic Airways, had to wait a while for the iron bars, in odd-size baggage, (naturally we didn’t try to take them with us inside the cabin, weapons as they could be), in to Copenhagen, found our hotel and fell on our beds, pretty well exhausted.

Had meant to call our friend, Irme, but simply were too tired, definitely too tired to take the metro to her place, in Birkerød, north of Copenhagen, so we decided to call her the following day. Walked to Strøget, Copenhagen main shopping street, found a 7-11, got some rye bread and chicken salad (a salad we really miss, from Denmark), and a couple of beers and a Coke, were scandalized by the price, back to hotel, feasted on our shopping items, got ONLINE, finally! longtime no-online, free wifi in hotel (not a terribly good connection, and I couldn’t connect to my beloved IRC channel), but started to read my huge rss list and check my pages – not my mail, as my home computer would have picked all that up.

Jón Lárus watched the final game in the European Championship in football (soccer) for the time I was immersed in the Intertubes, then we just fell asleep in our lovely bed. Niiice!

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