dag syv

let’s switch to Danish with the numbers, now, since the day before we had left the Czech and now we’re in Denmark. Felt pretty good to be back in a country where you actually understand what’s being said.

Breakfast at Ascot Hotel was excellent, even though it was sort of funny to have to look for the cutlery in various places (knives and forks one place, spoons another and teaspoons yet another). English Breakfast, American (pancakes and maple syrup – that’s sort of American, isn’t it?), plus a very good continental, loads of bread, ham and cheeses, yogurt, cornflakes and muesli, even porridge, I think).

Up again, called Irme, turned out that the poor woman had waited and waited for us to call the day before, as I had told her we’d be arriving that day, but didn’t think to say it would actually be late in the day. She didn’t have time to see us, had other plans for the day + saturday too. Shame. But we decided to meet up when I go back to Copenhagen, in 2 weeks time.

Also called Bettina, our former landlady (hehe, sounds old – but actually she’s only 3-4 years older than we are), she was going to Sweden that day, so she didn’t have time to see us either – will also meet up with her next time.

Kept calling, our oldest friend, Bryndís, (actually the one that introduced us in the first place – can’t thank her enough) lives just over the water, in Sweden. She did have time, we decided we’d spend most of the Saturday visiting her and her family, before flying home.

Last phonecall, Hafdís, an ex composition student of mine, she also had time, and we decided to meet her for lunch. Went on a smallish shopping spree, sent Jón off to the wine shop and myself to H&M, more clothes for the kids – nope, didn’t buy a thing for myself, honest :D

It was raining, the umbrella I had bought in Paris a few weeks earlier (yep, jetset, me!) came into use. Thunderstorm and all. As we were 3, the umbrella wasn’t quite enough, so we took shelter – in a candy store. Of course couldn’t resist and bought some.

Lunch at a mexican place, I and Jón bought a litre of beer to share, got it in a huge pitcher:

l�trakanna af bjór
felt like in a biergarten in Germany, really, except there you don’t share the litres.

Great fun to meet Hafdís, she also promised me to help when I get back, that will probably be hard work.

Spent most of the rest of the day just walking around enjoying Copenhagen, we studied there, and our eldest daughter was born there. Visited Charlie’s Bar, amazing bar with tons of beer types, always different ones from tap.

Charlie's Bar

Then, when it didn’t stop raining, we went to the hotel, on the net again for a short while, then down to the restaurant we had ordered a table, a Reef N’Beef. Actually, we almost didn’t go at all, we were so shocked over the wine prices, it was actually quite a bit more expensive than you could get the same wines in restaurants in Iceland. Especially one, well, I’ve never seen it in a restaurant here, but from the shop it costs about $170, normal pricing in a restaurant here would be maybe $210, but there it actually cost $590! (no, we didn’t buy a bottle). Ended up with buying a couple of their most expensive wines that we could get by the glass – the food merited good wine, not a light one.

Had an amazing cocktail there, made with fresh strawberries, light rum, some Triple Sec and some lime juice:

also like the glass :)

Ranted about the wine prices to our waitress, who turned out to be Icelandic; she promised to bring the objections to the owner’s attention. Pretty sure nothing will change, though, since the place was stuffed with people.

Food was excellent, and afterwards we went for a stroll around Copenhagen’s Lakes, as the sun was back out.

view from Tycho Brahe Planetarium

some ugly ducklings?

Back to hotel, and a good night’s sleep.

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