den ottende og sidste dag

well, last day of the trip, we wouldn’t be flying home until half-past ten in the evening, so we had good time. Check out at twelve hundred from the hotel, we woke up, got another English breakfast, back up, shower, pack, it was only 10 o’clock. Decided to go out, to the book shop and buy a book by Sara Blædel, one of the best Danish crime writers, and maybe just a bit more walking around the shopping street or something. Wanted to maybe get a new poster for our kitchen, there’s a good poster shop on Strøget.

Anyway, didn’t take the backpack along, came out and it was raining just a tiny bit. Did we run up to the room again to get the umbrella? Nope.

Well, I suppose you can just guess what happened, when we had bought the book and were halfway up Strøget…


Wet and shivering we came back to the hotel, had a little time to crawl under the duvets to dry, turned the towel drier in the bathroom on and some clothes on there. Didn’t want to pack the wet clothes – didn’t really have fitting dry clothes anyway.

Just before 12:00 we were warm again and the clothes a bit drier. Checked out of the hotel and took the train to Kastrup Airport, found the Left luggage counter and kept our bags there, then train onwards to Sweden. Called our friend Bryndís whom we had planned to meet, and she came and picked us up at the train station.

She and her family have this huge house in a very nice suburb of Malmö, took ages to look at all the rooms, I wouldn’t mind some of that space, I must say.

Then we went tourist walking in a newish quarter of Malmö, really nice, all sorts of things, various houses, no two the same, small springs, low houses, tall houses, colours, beach, I wouldn’t mind living there.

snúni turninn

manngerðir lækir

Bryndís and Edda


ah, THERE does all that water come from…

Had a coffee/hot chocolate and cake at an outside restaurant, the birds waited eagerly until we left:

and then we did…

They weren’t quite as bad as the seagulls in some places in Finland, where they just fly up to people and snatch the food from their hands. One second you’re about to bite in your sandwich, next one you suddenly don’t have a sandwich any more.

Rest of the day not especially eventful, went back to Bryndís’ and Rein’s place, had a nice dinner, were driven to the train station, back to Kastrup, forgot to take the blasted tax-free notes to the tax-free counter (grrr), didn’t get seats together on the plane since we were fairly late, but we could live with that, just wanted to get home. I sat with a couple of women (mother and daughter, I think) and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what language they were speaking.

Took off in darkness, then we flew into the light to the north and west. Got some midnight sun, just when we were about to land:


Good to be home, always is. The teenager (who had stayed home alone for the week) was awake when we came, great to see her.

Well, that’s it, for this trip. Been sort of fun, at least challenging to write an itinerary in English. Maybe again later, who knows?

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