weather we’ve got here at the moment. New heat record in Reykjavík, 25,7° Centigrade (78,3° F), people bathing in the local river:


and trying not to melt in the garden:


Went for a long bike ride, glad that we didn’t take the 8 yr old with us, he’d probably have given up half way. The 16 yr old teen never wants to go biking with us anymore :( 12 year old would have enjoyed it but stayed home, so it was only the old couple biking around Reykjavík.

The freaky weather here (also unusual thunder and lightning in the North) is apparently the remains of Hurricane Bertha. Same thing happened here in August 2004, unusually warm air coming here. I must say, I won’t complain. Hope the hurricanes aren’t wreaking too much havoc in the more southerly realms…


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