rocks and more

went on a family trip the other day, even slept in a tent (huge one, four rooms, not ours), went for a walk up a valley, which, to put it mildly, wasn’t very vegetated. But the colours of those rocks!:

We walked for the most part, since our car isn’t great for driving offroad.

Flat rocks:
flatt grjót

Coloured rocks:

Gray rocks:
grár klettur

Colour-happy nature:

There was a brook in the valley, in the springtime it fills up the whole valley, sometimes, but this time of year, not so. Even disappears in the middle, down among the rocks:


A small pool in the brook:

Some rock climbing:
rdj klifrar

and wading:

Back to the tents:

Oh, yes, and then of course, we stopped at Jökulsárlón: Doesn’t this one look like a polar bear?
polar bear

amazing, innit?

Also went behind a waterfall, see here:

Some more photos here if anybody’s interested. Some of them family, but loads of nature, too.


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