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is how normal Icelanders feel these days:

The girl with the camera, furthest right in the photo is my middle daughter, Freyja. The photo was on the front page of our biggest newspaper, today :D

pretty insightful

article, reader Gray pointed out to me, here. Totally agree with it.

doing fairly well

neither husband’s nor my own job are in immediate danger, it seems, I even have a couple of commissions going, so I can’t complain.  Our closest family’s also safe, does seem like everyone will have to cut down in style (and none of us were living high, our car’s 13 years old, only real luxury we indulge in is allowing the kids to take music lessons – and well, we do tend to drink fairly good wine).  Haven’t torn down the house to build a new one, or anything :>

Moderately positive outlook, after all we’re all healthy and able to work, kids doing well in school and among friends, it all could be just so much worse!

Freyja, the 12 year old, asked the other day if we would be going abroad next year, both her parents burst out laughing…

I have

intentionally not written here about our unfortunate situation. We’re basically floating, not much more, around here, very sore point what the Brits did to our sole surviving big bank, that actually wasn’t in a bad situation, probably better than very many banks around Europe and the US, anyway.

I mainly point to fellow blogger, Alda for information and discussion, for now.

Pretty shocked, up here, to tell the truth.

cello – crown

Cello paid for and now owned by us. Nice

Icelandic króna (crown) going down the drain. Not so nice.

Stupid government’s doing all the wrong things. Awful.

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