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heard from the IMIC today (not that I’m not in touch with them every day, sometimes often, at the moment). But the director called me this morning with the news that a Norwegian choral director emailed an order for my biggest piece hitherto, wants to perform. I might just want to go to Norway, for the performance, it will be in May 2010.

Pretty good news…


pad thai

made this lovely pad thai for dinner last night. Well worth reading through the whole thing. Didn’t manage to find any pickled turnips, though…


As I’ve said here before, I’m currently chairman of the board in the Iceland Music Information Centre, where Icelandic music is collected and kept so performers and musicologists can have access to it.

Well, we had a fire, yesterday.

Not IN the Centre, but two floors up, but there’s water on the floors and of course smoke everywhere. Just managed to save the brand new security update of the scanned pieces (the update was ongoing when the fire came up – and finished while the fire squad turned out the fire).

Things look a bit better than we were afraid of. There’s a lot of music in there, that would be really hard to find again.

No, we don’t have a fireproof vault. The center is dreadfully underfunded. It wasn’t a question of if, but when, something like this would happen.

Here’s a news article about this.