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my first

appearance on stage tonight, yeah! The Sound of Music show up here at the moment is really tight and good, totally loved the experience. Can’t wait for my second show – next Thursday.

Red wine in glass. Raining outside and the country going to hell. Doesn’t detract from my bliss at the moment. Cheers!


Brits and the Dutch say no to the revisions in that bloody (excuse my language) IceSave thing.

Start over…

keep forgetting

that English page – just a short update here:

Everything’s started again, winter’s on its way. Can’t really say I mind too much, even though I normally dread teaching it’s always quite fine when I actually start. Been horribly busy those last weeks, since I got the chance to jump into one of the pro theatres’ Sound of Music show, last week was all rehearsals, will get my first show soon. Incredibly fun work – even though I didn’t think I needed a new work venue, I couldn’t say no to this.

Kids doing fine, almost too busy with school, music school, choirs and the 9 yr old’s started taking badminton lessons. The 17 year old has a horribly busy wednesday, first school, then violin lesson, harmony lesson and orchestra practice. The worst thing is that almost all school dances are held on Wednesdays!

Had our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday and went out to a great Indian restaurant, a few minutes walk from our house. A bottle of this lovely champagne, kept since 2004 was definitely in order:

Went to the West Fjords for our summer holidays, (that’s where the page header photo’s taken, a few years back though) some photos here Swimming, beach (no, black beach and way cold for swimming), mountain climbing, canoeing, you name it! Brill holiday.

My absolutely favouritest waterfall in the world :)

I’m on Soundcloud – only one entry yet, though:

can anybody guess the time signature? :þ

Promise to write more sooner than later.

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