Australia, day 12

Sorry ppl, I’ve been posting all about my trip in Icelandic :P

Made some friends in the Blue Mountains, so I’m going to write up that day in English. Copied all the post for fun and ran through Google Translate and, an Icelandic translating machine. Here goes:


This day should smalast up a train in two hours and Bláfjöll point, Blue Mountains, visited. They bear the name of totally unrelated reason and Bláfjöll Iceland, the bluish Eukalyptustrjám that grow there everywhere. Indeed, it actually valleys rather than mountains themselves are blue.

But best not to go out out, train trip was not so eventful, we saw better results from the second floor of two floors train but I was afraid of, differing by a long train journeys in Europe, where nothing was seen out the window unless trees almost all way. The view was often brilliant beautiful but not in towns where the trains are often rails against the iðnaðarhverfi, have you seen environment central train station bus anywhere’ve seen them all.

Came up in the Blue Mountains Leur from eleven, there was a man named Paul Simpson welcomed us and drove to a café where we had an appointment with Jo Truman, his girlfriend. These people had obviously met the Sunday before the concert and receive speech. He is a great musical amateur, but does not play himself, rewarded by an early, she quite known singer in modern music, lived and worked a long time in Europe, but missed his home country and moved back four years ago. They had offered to take us in túristaferð the main points in this region in Bláfjöll.

After coffee and coffee in my teacup, we in him. Indeed, we saw first in a very nice little book and diskabúð, Paul pointed out to me on a plate with the works of Zoltán Kodály, without quite knowing what I think a lot of it – bought the CD prontó, also bought a card with a painting by Jo, so she sells Card in this shop and indeed elsewhere in the region. Then we took the bush.

Through the good tape out in the forest until suddenly facing a huge canyon filled with wood, had stories of the people had lost there and I just believe very clean well. Distances and very high trees, so no way to Oriente itself. It is certainly possible to get some sort of gps Beacon to let him know if he lost, but not all have thought of that. Rather than everyone has thought of that to be properly equipped in the highlands. Normal GPS devices do not work very well there under the tree dollars.

All full of eukalyptustrjám and tetrjám and of course all sorts of other plants, such as National Australia prime. It can be seen here along with a description:

(It should be noted that this is not normal voice Pauls, but here he is exaggerating Australian hreiminn …)

We drove a bit longer and went more touristy place, Echo Point, managed a ekkói, where everything was alive for tourists, however. Still cool. One útsýnisstað more we saw, almost no people in the process, there was too touristy enter with a history of the mountains, fun to read. I was greatly surprised to learn that there is so much pollution in the water all the way over there to teach it is by no means safe to drink water from rivers or streams without boiling it and set cleaning tables. Great is the power of man!

This is a great area for Forest, Jo and Paul explained to us that eukalyptustrén sprays of oil up to the fire ignition is eldsmatur spared much, even the air above the flame trees. Therefore, the fire can go fast on the ridiculous and people need to be very hardly by itself in the region. Some plants need fire there just to fjölfaldað itself, it is amazing.

Had hoped to identify kengúrur but it was nowhere to be seen. They are shy and may hvekktar in humans (accidentally fell into mannfólinu and was seriously thinking of just let it stand) there you have to be very lucky to see them. It may indeed differ in the country, in Canberra and a smooth, for example, but we could not go there. It looked like we’d just do not see a single Kang trip. Not good.

We went and had lunch at sveitakrá, very good citizens and not cool ice with laumuðumst to pay for lunch our host, with loud protest when they understood it. But my man could not do!

At the end of the visit we were all home to Paul, listened to great music in Well maybe the best gadgets I’ve seen at home, Super Audio examples. (Hmm so when I think out of it reminds me that our home theater magnarinn designed for Super Audio – but presumably we do not have disk players, have to check on whether special needs or whether the player is magnarinn main thing). Described for us speakers from the same company and our magnarinn (Musical Fidelity, British gadgets) that were wonderful but may cost “only” about 12,000 pounds. (Sirka two and a half million). I would buy a new car if I had two and a half …

Paul and Jo took us so stop the train and we hailed them with active, then I send them CDs with Icelandic music (in fact right up to create a package – is in the mail tomorrow).

Takeout the Malaysian restaurant and a room of our ice cold and full. Had enough now, however, immediately heat up. Ferðasaga, net and sleep.


This day should smalast up in a train in two times and the Bláfjöll of the place, Blue Mountainn, visited.
They carry the name of entirely unrelated reason and Bláfjöll of Iceland, the bluish Eukalyptustré which grow there out all over.
An actuality are the that one actual valleys more rather than the mountains self which are blue.
But best to go not forwards watch sees, the lestarferð was such as not eventful, we saw more out of the upper height on two mock the train but I was feared of, willing of long lestarferð in Europe where a naught met the eye out of the windows sum to a tree closest through.

The view turned out frequently shining beautiful notwithstanding not in the towns where the rails lie frequently counter of an iðnaðarhverfi, has man seen environments lestarstöð teinamega somewhere has man seen those all.

Come up in Leuri in Blue Mountainn up from eleven, there took man titularly Paul Simpson against us and drove on a café where we rendezvoused at Jo Truman, the sweetheart him.
This people had we semsagt hit the concerts Sunday since and taken talk.
He is músíkáhugamaður great but does not play self, a snemmeftirlaunaður, she considerably known songstress in a nútímatónlist, resided and worked long well in Europe but missed the country and displaced backs for four years.
They had offered to treat us in túristaferð of chiefest places hereon an area in Bláfjöll.

Of the coffee them and the teacup my on the café laid we in him.
Peeked experienced since in awful amusing little book and a diskabúð, Paul pointed me on a disk with works Zoltán Kodály, quite without know who I hold great onto him – bought a disk prontó, bought a similar card with a picture of Jo, she sells such card in this shop and turned out withies on the area.
The page took The bush at.

Walked a good spölur out in the forest till suddenly stared in the face a giant canyon rife forest, got stories because a people had perished there and so believe I bars ANSI clean choose.
Magnificent distances and the trees handicap so no way to oríentera oneself.

It is surely slowed to get somebody konar gp beacon to intimate oneself if man perishes but not all have intellects on it.
More rather than to every ocean intellects on it to be properly prepared on highland of Iceland.

An ordinary gps took active not specially well there under the trjákróna.
All rife eukalyptustré and tetré and of course omnifarious other plants, such as þjóðarblóm of Australians.
It may see here along with a description:

(haggard shall forwards to this is not natural voice Paul holds is he here to exaggerate Australian hreiminn…)

driven only farther and went there on more túristastaður, Echo Point, achieved little ekkói, there was all rife in tourists on the other hand.
Same dashing.

One outlook more saw we, a closest naught people there astir, there resembled a túristasenter with the story of the mountains, amusing to read.

Drew substantially on unaware that it is so great pollution in the water through there uppfrá to it is noways óhætt to drink water from rivers or streamlets without boil it and put hreinsitafla.
Great is the might of the man!

This is a great skógareldasvæði, Jo and Paul explained for us that the eukalyptustré spreyja of them oil so when fire ignites is an eldsmatur infinite, even the air above the trees flames.
Then can the fire gone preposterously fast of and a people needs to be only too vart of oneself on the area.

The summer plants there cleanly need a fire to can manifolded them, it is quite intensified.

Had hoped to catch sight of kangaroos but them was nowhere to see.
They are surely shy and a hvekkt on the mannfólk (beat unaware in the mannfóli and was serious to think of to let it bars stand) there that man needs to be very lucky to see them.
It is surely turned out different innar in the country, in Canberra and on the plains such as but thereto got we not.

A search beyond to we form bars not see an one single kangaroo in the journey.
Not good.

Went and caught nooning on a country tavern, gigantic busters of citizens and not lesser ice, we sneaked to pay the nooning for hosts us, at their noisy objections when they got it it.
But remind could man now not done!
In the lids of the visit went we all home to Paul, listened to an excellent music in well perhaps best græja which I have seen in a home, SuperAudiodæmi.
(a hmm such recipients I think out in it then reminds me that the heimabíómagnari us copes with SuperAudio – but expected own we not a diskaspilari, needs to tékka on it if needs especial players or if the amplifier is the aðalmál).
Described for us loudspeakers from same company and the amplifier us (Musical Fidelity, British græjur) which dandruff surely furious but cost “bara” spatial 12.000 pounds.
(sirka two and a half million).
I would buy me newer car if I owned two and hálfa…

Paul and Jo driven us so in way for the train and we bid good-bye them with virkt, I sent them page of disks with an Icelandic music (the actually precise estates to prepare the package – goes in a post tomorrow).
Takeout on a Malaysian restaurant and onto the room us cold and klakafullur.
Graces now still immediately up a temperature.
An itinerary, networks and sleep.

A proper translating in the progress but this is hilarious!

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