Day #3. Sleepyheads

I have no idea when May 3rd left off and the 4th began, really confusing which time to use but some time during the night the 4th arrived.

This part of the way was basically like this: Abu Dhabi-Muscat-Goa-south for Indonesia for some reason-northeasterly Australia-Sydney. Flew almost straight over Uluru (formerly known as Ayer’s Rock) but it was pitch dark so we wouldn’t have seen it even if we had been awake.

Watched Sound of Music, haven’t seen that old film for 30 years at least, actually I think our version in Reykjavík City Theatre better, if anything (for new readers, I took part in the show as part of the nun’s chorus – quite brilliant experience). Fun to watch though and compare and of course a good way to spend 3 hours out of the 14 inflight. Finished one book and began reading another.

They didn’t have enough warm breakfast trays, 2 or 3 missing and of course I had to be one of the people that didn’t get any. Well, did get some warm cherry cake, weird for breakfast though. Jón Lárus then gave me a part of his breakfast, thanks again my dear.

Finally landed in Sydney, no big problems going through immigration and customs, taxi down to the hotel, a bit old but clean and it was totally heavenly to take a shower and the tiniest of naps. Wanted to try to keep awake as long as we could. Some sort of net service in the hotel, not free (we’ve come to expect free net in hotels, it’s free in all hotels worth their salt in Iceland, the other Nordic countries, all over eastern Europe, even a small cheap hotel in rural Czech republic by the Polish border had a really decent free net service. Not here, though, even seemed like the service would be more expensive in the better hotels. Weird. Also we didn’t even get properly in contact with the net service even if we wanted to buy access. Hrumpfff! Of course we weren’t in Australia to surf incessantly on the internet but it could get really awkward not to get connection at all for 2 weeks. Well, maybe they had heard of free WIFI in cafés – might try that later on.

But let’s stop snivelling – after the short break we took a look at the event calendar and map, then out of the hotel to find the concert hall for the first concert of the day. Wasn’t far, according to the map. We had a couple of hours so out we went and walked towards the harbour. The sun being in the north messed us up of course, we walked for a bit in the wrong direction, found out in 500-600 metres or so and turned around of course. Walking towards Circular Quay where the opera house is situated was about 2 1/2 km away from the hotel, maybe we would have gone there if we hadn’t started off in the wrong direction. As it was, a bit too far so we just went straight to the concert hall.

On the way there we tried to find a supermarket of any kind, in the hotel room we had a nice fridge and it would be nice not to have to buy all meals in restaurants. Didn’t find any proper shops, only tons of really expensive 7-11’s and small oriental supermarkets (found out later in the day that the hotel was situated in the middle of Sydney’s China Town).

The concert hall was easy to find, Eugene Goosens Hall, situated in ABC Australian Broadcast Corporation, Australia’s public broadcasting service. We were an hour early for the concert so we sat down in the ABC café and had a beer each. No Foster’s to be seen (not that we were looking) but those two were tasty and nice and cold.

The jet lag was getting at us though. I think the concert was good, 21 short piano pieces by 21 young composers, performed by 21 piano students at the Sydney Conservatory of Music. Both of us fell fast asleep though and I just hope we didn’t snore since the concert was broadcast live countrywise…

Here‘s the station with some web broadcasts from the festival, my concert’s there too under Voices to Thrill, if anyone wants to hear. My name’s pronounced pretty weird there, though.

Well, this was no use, we went to one of the Chinese fast food places, bought 2 huge chicken thighs and something to drink, back to the hotel to eat, meant to lay down and sleep for 45 minutes. Woke up 3 hours later of course but totally too tired to go to the 2 remaining concerts. Just stayed in bed and read until we fell asleep again about half-past ten in the evening.

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