Day #5. Sick

Here comes the boring post. Wake up at 6:30 in the morning, stomach queasy, went to breakfast anyway and back up, managed to fall asleep. Wake up feeling worse, now with diarrhoea. Probably not food poisoning since me+hubby had always eaten the same stuff, just good old boring stomach flu. Not what I wanted.

He went out to buy some cola and see if he would manage to find open WIFI anywhere. He hadn’t been gone long when I managed to get in touch with the net on my computer, using the Safari browser, Firefox seemed to be the problem, most likely some internal thing, couldn’t figure what, though. Was pretty happy about finally getting in touch with the world. Bought a couple of hours and checked my mail and a short peek at facebook. Used half an hour or so, then just continued reading.

We had a ton of books to read, the penultimate Stieg Larsson book which I had forced myself not to read until Australia, Bill Bryson: A Short History of Almost Everything, Ben Goldacre: Bad Science (amazing book), The Mermaid by Camilla Läckberg, two of the Demigod books by Rick Riordan, a Stone Soup comic book and if this hadn’t been enough, I had seen Drowned Wednesday, the third book in The Keys to The Kingdom by Garth Nix in a used-book shop for only a couple of dollars the day before. Bought it, of course, I had already read books number 1 and 2 so this was just a piece of luck. Enough to read, at least.

Jón Lárus came home irritated, the open net in the pub hadn’t worked. Was glad I managed to get into the hotel net.

Read 2 of the easy-read book on this sick day but didn’t start on the Larsson one, better try to leave something easiar and more mindless to read for the flight than Bryson and Goldacre.

Maybe one could complain about the hotel, it’s getting on in years and it shows, the bathroom sink and tiles a bit cracked and looked like they were from the 1970s, wallpaper a bit shabby and the walls could use a layer of paint. But the bed was excellent, not too hard, not too soft, Baby Bear type. The bed in Hotel Norge, the Norwegian hotel I stayed at in March was of the Mama Bear type, way too soft, sink down the middle and my back hurt. Really counts for something, especially when you spend a whole day mostly in bed. Never mind that the Norwegian hotel was much newer and classier.

No photos taken this day.

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