Day #6. Concert

Stomach problems very much better, fortunately, not quite up to standard but good enough to get going. Met up with our fellow Icelander in the lobby, had heard of things happening at home, moguls being arrested and such, finally. Can’t say we were unhappy about that.

Philippa, the festival manager asked us if we wanted to come to an open meeting, we of course went there. Was pretty good, an interesting panel and good and intellectual questions and answers. Also good to see some more of the festival guests. The only thing I thought lacking was that we were all staying in a hotel – with no hotel bar where everyone would gather in the evening and get to know each other.

Finally found a proper supermarket, didn’t buy anything at the time since we were heading to a concert. Also found a huge market with all sorts of things to be bought at a cheap price, much like our own Kolaport, except instead of dried fish, shark and flat bread they had tons of exotic fruit and vegetables which we’d never seen before, even though the supermarkets at home are fairly well stocked with fruits and vegs from around the world. The pictures on the T-shirts also were quite different, aboriginal art instead of lopapeysa patterns.

Fleiri á flickrsíðunni minni.

Bought a few beers to put in the fridge – I only wanted a small one so I bought a Pilsner Urquell (one of my favourite Czech beer brands, their dark Master just might be my favourite beer in the whole world), a 25 centiliter bottle. Without checking the price. Got a small shock when I realized what the beer had cost, about 4 times more than at home – and people complain about the state having monopoly on selling alcohol and about the prices! Obviously everything will get better if/when sales of alcohol will be free in Iceland – not!

A concert in the ABC house at 13:00, brilliant piece by Kristian Blak, another I liked a lot too by Hubert Stuppner – wouldn’t mind having a recording of that one (hmm, wonder if ABC’s site’s still open). 3 more pieces, one for Shakuhatchi flute and strings, not bad, and 2 other ones just for strings, maybe a bit too long for my taste.

Back to the hotel to change clothes for the concert with my piece on it. Had some extra time to kill, walked to a pub with free WIFI, bought a lemon marengue pie each, a glass of white wine for me and a beer for Jón. Just as good the pies and drinks were nice, the net didn’t work. Had the system rebooted for us, no go. I’m on a Mac and Jón on Windows and nothing worked. Irritating. Australians seem to be just a bit backwards in Net usage, we didn’t see anyone else trying to use a computer in the pub (around here a third to fourth of café users will have a computer on their table). Also saw a book store computer using MS Dos, didn’t think anyone in the whole world used MS Dos any more… Book shop had about 6-7 books I wanted, though! Might want to visit it again, later in the trip.

Then to the concert in The Con, brilliant concert, fabulous children’s choir – surpassing our best one here (and that one was really good, too). Recorded my song on my camcorder, here goes:

Skipped the day’s final concert, went out to a nice Italian place instead to celebrate. All in all an euphoric day.

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