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an eruption – AGAIN!

yep, easier to say Grímsvötn than Eyjafjallajökull though. Way easier.

Anyway, this is the largest eruption in Grímsvötn for at least the last 100 years. Also seems to be quite a bit more powerful than last year’s thing. Hopefully shorter lived, though.

(photo borrowed from – hope they won’t mind the hotlink)

Also interesting to follow the iceberg lagoon live broadcast here.

More Harpa

Formal opening ceremony tonight, hopefully possible to watch here, starts 17:50 GMT. (in a bit less than 2 hours). Can’t wait. My huge choir will sing the 4th movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at the end of the concert around 20:00 GMT or so if anyone’s interested. Will post a link if this will be available on the net afterwards but I’m not sure it will be.

First part of the concert, symphony orchestra, youth choir, opera singers, children’s choir, an excellent pianist, second part the cream of Icelandic popular music, then the third part, a brand new piece for the opening and then the Beethoven. Quite a mixture of music. I’ll be in the audience for the first two parts and then run backstage to take part in the symphony movement. Don’t want to miss a thing…

A newsclip on a German radio station, you can see me + sister and daughter on 4:15 if you like – I’m second row furthest to the left and daughter comes to view beside me when the camera zooms out. Imagine the joy!


I really don’t have the right words to describe the music hall – and the atmosphere in all three concerts. 1800 people in a great mood, my husband heard before the concert and in the break various people proclaim that they hadn’t been keen on the building being finished when the economic crash came, of course such an endeavour isn’t cheap but all those people now think it’s all been worth it.

Concert was amazing, you can listen here.

photo borrowed with kind permission from Harpa Hrund, fellow singer.

our new concert hall

Our big piece of news – Reykjavík’s opening their brand new brilliant concert hall this week. We’re singing Beethoven’s 9th with Vladimir Askhenazy – first rehearsal with him today. Totally loved it. This house is SO going to be a huge asset, not only to Iceland’s music scene but also to our tourism – I just read that tenor singer Jonas Kaufmann’s concert two weeks from now is sold out, 1800 seats and 300 of those sold abroad. Don’t of course know if any of those buyers chose to travel to Iceland for the concert – but you never know.

Anyway, the concert halls and conference centers are pretty well full booked for the next year already, apparently.

Do take a look here. We’re totally excited!

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