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far down

Öxarárfoss að ofan, originally uploaded by hildigunnur.

Went to hubby’s sister and brother-in-law’s summer house on Þingvallavatn the other day. That’s of course close to Þingvellir where the first parliament in the western world was held, hundreds of years ago. I’ve always meant to walk to the top of the famous waterfall Öxarárfoss, and since we had the time we stopped the car and walked a short way.

Quite amazing but I must say I was just the tiniest bit scared up there. No fences or anything…

Here’s a photo from down the other end:

Long time

no blog, maybe I should bring a short update for the ppl that still look in here occasionally.

Last blog was about first stage performance, well I did get 15 shows and loved every one of them, now no more. I’ll definitely try for another show sometime, shame I’m not a very good dancer, they seem to want people both dancing and singing most of the time. But at least I did get to experience this sort of work.

Winter’s coming to an end, finally, hasn’t been a hard one at all but I’m looking forward to my summer holiday. Which will start earlier than usually actually.

Went to Norway for a performance of my big Mass for choir, soloists and orchestra (Amazon has it, here if anyone’s interested – I do recommend it, even though I say so myself), met up with some family, great trip.

Middle daughter got confirmated, had a nice family gettogether for that, Easter weekend.

And now I’m travelling again, this time all the way to Australia. Again to follow up a piece of mine, chosen to be on the ISCM new music festival in Sydney in May. Can’t wait. It’s a great honour to be picked for this festival and I hope to meet up with some distinguished colleagues and hear exciting music from around the world. Husband’s coming along and we’ll be Down Under for 2 weeks.

Kreppa news, well Alda covers that on the Iceland Weather Report blog, I really can’t try to beat her, nor do I want to. Our family isn’t doing badly at all, everybody’s got jobs, the elder teenager didn’t even lose her job-along-school. Which is nice.

Maybe – just maybe – there won’t be 7 months till next update…

keep forgetting

that English page – just a short update here:

Everything’s started again, winter’s on its way. Can’t really say I mind too much, even though I normally dread teaching it’s always quite fine when I actually start. Been horribly busy those last weeks, since I got the chance to jump into one of the pro theatres’ Sound of Music show, last week was all rehearsals, will get my first show soon. Incredibly fun work – even though I didn’t think I needed a new work venue, I couldn’t say no to this.

Kids doing fine, almost too busy with school, music school, choirs and the 9 yr old’s started taking badminton lessons. The 17 year old has a horribly busy wednesday, first school, then violin lesson, harmony lesson and orchestra practice. The worst thing is that almost all school dances are held on Wednesdays!

Had our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday and went out to a great Indian restaurant, a few minutes walk from our house. A bottle of this lovely champagne, kept since 2004 was definitely in order:

Went to the West Fjords for our summer holidays, (that’s where the page header photo’s taken, a few years back though) some photos here Swimming, beach (no, black beach and way cold for swimming), mountain climbing, canoeing, you name it! Brill holiday.

My absolutely favouritest waterfall in the world :)

I’m on Soundcloud – only one entry yet, though:

can anybody guess the time signature? :þ

Promise to write more sooner than later.

looooong tiiiime

no blog.

Been pretty busy of late, Four different commissions, two finished, one almost done and one I haven’t started yet (hmm, must find good text, anybody got a fun text I can use – preferably for free)?

Situation here in Iceland, oh well, really don’t want to go into that one. Refer to Alda’s blog for that one, she’s better at this than I am.

We’re doing fine here at home, at least…

I tend

to wax eloquent about my kids’ music making (what parent doesn’t do this about whatever their children are doing?) but the other day my own mother found an old tape with some of our music, she used to be my choir conductor. I and two cousins of mine sang together quite a lot and once had a few songs recorded for a radio programme on the Icelandic State Broadcasting Radio. Just uploaded the songs onto my server, and here’s one. Fairly proud of this, actually:

youngest son

my not so little Finnur had his birthday yesterday, 9 year old.  13 boys climbed over the furniture, ran in and out of the house, climbed on the rooftops around (yep – I had to tell them to stay mostly on the ground), ate tons of pizza and rice-crispies cookies and had loads of fun.

House’s in shambles – but worth it.  He’s really happy.

Ash Wednesday

Here the kids dress up and go downtown (or to the malls), sing a song in the shops and get candy. Our version of Halloween. The younger daughter slept over at a friends house, so I don’t have a photo of her, yet at least, but here’s the son, normally blond, not today. Not going to say guess who he’s supposed to be…

Finnur Potter

cream puff day

thanks Alda for the name, it’s pretty good.

In Iceland we have those 3 days, 7 weeks before Easter, Bolludagur (Cream Puff Day – or rather Ball or Bun day, as it’s traditional to eat all sorts of buns and balls, meatballs, cream buns, pfannkuchen, you name it), then there’s Sprengidagur (exploding day), last day before Lent, then you’re supposed to eat until you burst. The traditional food is very salty lamb plus yellow split pea soup. Can’t stand the stuff. Then Öskudagur, a mini Carneval thing, where kids dress up (the eight-year-old’s going to be Harry Potter, my mother made him an orange/red striped scarf)

But my favourite of those days is definitely Bolludagur, the cream puff thing. Love the thin pastry puffs, coated with chocolate and filled with various sorts of cream and/or pudding or jelly. Husband made these puffs yesterday (I’m hopeless at those, but he’s really good at it).

Hmm, must really take a photo of them filled…

long time

no blogging.

Yes, I’m fine. Been busy with normal life and trying to get the last Central Bank director to resign. A couple of days ago a group of us met up and sang funeral hymns to try to lay to rest the bank government. One out of three – the most hated one still sits there like he owns the bank.

Yes, we’ve got a new government, a social-democratic one. I’m moderately hopeful, they’ll sit there for 82 days iirc and then we’ll have a vote. Sort of scared that the old capitalist party, which is mainly responsible for the economic crash, will get too many votes. They really shouldn’t get the chance to govern for the longest time now, been the big government party for the last 17 years. Horrible.

We’ll see…

Meanwhile life goes basically on as usual for most people here, at the moment I’m sitting in the kids’ music school waiting for orchestra rehearsal to finish, later on in the day we’re having fellow protesters for dinner. We were sort of afraid that now people would save money by taking the kids out of the music schools, but apparently the waiting list only grows longer than usual. Makes me happy, not only since I’ll keep my job, but also I think it shows that people know where the real values lie, and are trying to not let their children suffer in spite of the problems.

5 days

5 Christmas family parties.

Good it’s done, fun, since we have great families but this is really taxing. The best one was my dad’s birthday, yesterday, big family and we took our instruments along and played Christmas songs and other music, and the ones not with instruments, sang along. (most everybody a trained singer). Great fun.

Gleðilega rest (happy rest, we say here), Christmas officially doesn’t stop until the 6th of January.

White Christmas

Just have to show off a bit, here are the kids from one of the schools I teach at, playing a pretty good arrangement of said song. Middle daughter playing the ‘cello…


yep, I’m here :)

Quite a bit more active on my Icelandic blog than here. Good to know one is missed, though.

On the political front, well not very much, really. Maybe that IMF loan is coming through, I don’t really want it, though. Terribly afraid that it will be used just to float our useless currency and the idiocy will start all over again, plus our kids and grandkids will have to pay out of their noses, all their lives, for this huge loan. I’d much rather just pay for it now, no travels abroad for a few years, porridge for breakfast (my kids love porridge, anyway), try to get the wheels up and running, with innovation and thinking outside our collective boxes. Tourism should be fairly easy, with the króna in free fall – everything’s really cheap here right now – for people with dollars or euros at least.

But, with a huge loan, someone found out that even though there were no interest on the loan, it would take 71, yes seventyone years to pay it off. What’s that all about?

Anyway, the family took the weekend off from Kreppa, went to a summerhouse, owned by husband’s workplace. Some nice food, a couple of bottles of red wine, went outdoor swimming (no, it wasn’t cold), solved crosswords and sudokus and didn’t think of depression at all. Totally nice.


is how normal Icelanders feel these days:

The girl with the camera, furthest right in the photo is my middle daughter, Freyja. The photo was on the front page of our biggest newspaper, today :D

doing fairly well

neither husband’s nor my own job are in immediate danger, it seems, I even have a couple of commissions going, so I can’t complain.  Our closest family’s also safe, does seem like everyone will have to cut down in style (and none of us were living high, our car’s 13 years old, only real luxury we indulge in is allowing the kids to take music lessons – and well, we do tend to drink fairly good wine).  Haven’t torn down the house to build a new one, or anything :>

Moderately positive outlook, after all we’re all healthy and able to work, kids doing well in school and among friends, it all could be just so much worse!

Freyja, the 12 year old, asked the other day if we would be going abroad next year, both her parents burst out laughing…

new cello

we’re in the process of buying a new cello for the middle child, this one:

She’s of course a bit bigger now, and needs a full size instrument. Gaad, this is expensive stuff! We’re planning to buy an instrument she can use her whole life, it doesn’t make sense not to buy a cheapo cello, especially since it’s so much more fun to play on a nice sounding instrument. All the blood, sweat and tears sort of make much more sense this way…

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