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Day #18 – not planned

After falling asleep around 7 PM I of course woke up around midnight, definitely not on the plan! Fortunately fell asleep again. I could definitely get used to the king size plus bed, we could have slept in a T if we had wanted.

Then properly woke up around four in the morning, feeling fine. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready to wake up for a flight in the wee hours of the morning (when we fly to Europe from Iceland the flights are mostly early in the morning so normal wakeup hour for a flight is around 5 AM). Ate an unusual breakfast, olives and artichokes in olive oil and some chocolate pudding but took the chicken spears with us to eat on the plane so we wouldn’t have to buy breakfast there.

No trains this early, neither the airport trains nor the tube so we called the concierge to call a cab for us. Not a problem, got a call to the room 10 minutes later when the cab arrived. No walking between Terminals 5 and 1, the buildings aren’t connected and surroundings definitely not pedestrian friendly. Took 10 minutes to drive, I wouldn’t even have wanted to try to drive, really confusing to find the way, endless spaghetti junctions. Taxi left us in front of check-in on Terminal 1.

In we went and had to stand in a seemingly endless queue, we’ve gotten used to the luxury of self-check in or early check-in and baggage drop in Keflavík Airport, those queues are a thing of the past here. But no self-check in machines and no baggage-drop desk for Icelandair in Heathrow and only 2 desks to service a full plane, this took ages. Then of course another long queue for passport checks and the third one for security. I was really glad not to be tired to start with.

When we finally got within it was almost time to go to the gate, just had time to buy a bottle of Macallan (can’t get it in the duty-free in Keflavík any more) and a box of our favourite Thornton’s chocolates.

Found a McLaren car, of course I took a photo of my McLaren fan with the car. Would have liked to be able to sit in the car, but totally understand why they don’t let people do that, of course.

Walked all the way out to Gate 52 (a looong way, it seemed), a short wait and then everybody was hoarded on a bus and driven out to the plane. Jón Lárus and me thought a flight of 2 hours and 40 minutes really short, after all the long flights from Australia the days before.

Finally in the air, really really looking forward to getting home. Bought a glass of red wine each (hey, it was about 5 PM in our body time, even though it was morning for most everybody else) and ate the chicken we had left from our uneaten dinner the day before.

Reading and watching a movie in the short flight, a soft landing in Keflavík, eldest and sweetest daughter picked us up at the airport and then home at last. Lovely!


yeah, and has anyone

noticed my new blog header?

This is a photo I took from our family summer house (well, husbands’ family, his grandparents used to live there until about 20 years ago). Love the place but it’s a bit far away, we don’t go there every summer. This summer we will, though. It’s all the way up in the West Fjords, Dýrafjörður to be exact.

It’s not far from Þingeyri on this map, just over the fjord.

(map from here)

(the house is actually rented out in parts of the summer, if anyone’s interested ;)

Ash Wednesday

Here the kids dress up and go downtown (or to the malls), sing a song in the shops and get candy. Our version of Halloween. The younger daughter slept over at a friends house, so I don’t have a photo of her, yet at least, but here’s the son, normally blond, not today. Not going to say guess who he’s supposed to be…

Finnur Potter

cream puff day

thanks Alda for the name, it’s pretty good.

In Iceland we have those 3 days, 7 weeks before Easter, Bolludagur (Cream Puff Day – or rather Ball or Bun day, as it’s traditional to eat all sorts of buns and balls, meatballs, cream buns, pfannkuchen, you name it), then there’s Sprengidagur (exploding day), last day before Lent, then you’re supposed to eat until you burst. The traditional food is very salty lamb plus yellow split pea soup. Can’t stand the stuff. Then Öskudagur, a mini Carneval thing, where kids dress up (the eight-year-old’s going to be Harry Potter, my mother made him an orange/red striped scarf)

But my favourite of those days is definitely Bolludagur, the cream puff thing. Love the thin pastry puffs, coated with chocolate and filled with various sorts of cream and/or pudding or jelly. Husband made these puffs yesterday (I’m hopeless at those, but he’s really good at it).

Hmm, must really take a photo of them filled…

new year’s eve

some photos:

Just a sample, and not a very good one, New Year’s Eve’s pretty grand around here – a bit less now than sometimes before but it mainly manifested itself in that the shooting took shorter time, at midnight it was basically the same. Downtown Reykjavík (well up on the hill where the big church stands) there were much more people than usual, though.

Happy new year

everybody :)

5 days

5 Christmas family parties.

Good it’s done, fun, since we have great families but this is really taxing. The best one was my dad’s birthday, yesterday, big family and we took our instruments along and played Christmas songs and other music, and the ones not with instruments, sang along. (most everybody a trained singer). Great fun.

Gleðilega rest (happy rest, we say here), Christmas officially doesn’t stop until the 6th of January.

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