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Long time

no blog, maybe I should bring a short update for the ppl that still look in here occasionally.

Last blog was about first stage performance, well I did get 15 shows and loved every one of them, now no more. I’ll definitely try for another show sometime, shame I’m not a very good dancer, they seem to want people both dancing and singing most of the time. But at least I did get to experience this sort of work.

Winter’s coming to an end, finally, hasn’t been a hard one at all but I’m looking forward to my summer holiday. Which will start earlier than usually actually.

Went to Norway for a performance of my big Mass for choir, soloists and orchestra (Amazon has it, here if anyone’s interested – I do recommend it, even though I say so myself), met up with some family, great trip.

Middle daughter got confirmated, had a nice family gettogether for that, Easter weekend.

And now I’m travelling again, this time all the way to Australia. Again to follow up a piece of mine, chosen to be on the ISCM new music festival in Sydney in May. Can’t wait. It’s a great honour to be picked for this festival and I hope to meet up with some distinguished colleagues and hear exciting music from around the world. Husband’s coming along and we’ll be Down Under for 2 weeks.

Kreppa news, well Alda covers that on the Iceland Weather Report blog, I really can’t try to beat her, nor do I want to. Our family isn’t doing badly at all, everybody’s got jobs, the elder teenager didn’t even lose her job-along-school. Which is nice.

Maybe – just maybe – there won’t be 7 months till next update…

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