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Ash Wednesday

Here the kids dress up and go downtown (or to the malls), sing a song in the shops and get candy. Our version of Halloween. The younger daughter slept over at a friends house, so I don’t have a photo of her, yet at least, but here’s the son, normally blond, not today. Not going to say guess who he’s supposed to be…

Finnur Potter

cream puff day

thanks Alda for the name, it’s pretty good.

In Iceland we have those 3 days, 7 weeks before Easter, Bolludagur (Cream Puff Day – or rather Ball or Bun day, as it’s traditional to eat all sorts of buns and balls, meatballs, cream buns, pfannkuchen, you name it), then there’s Sprengidagur (exploding day), last day before Lent, then you’re supposed to eat until you burst. The traditional food is very salty lamb plus yellow split pea soup. Can’t stand the stuff. Then Öskudagur, a mini Carneval thing, where kids dress up (the eight-year-old’s going to be Harry Potter, my mother made him an orange/red striped scarf)

But my favourite of those days is definitely Bolludagur, the cream puff thing. Love the thin pastry puffs, coated with chocolate and filled with various sorts of cream and/or pudding or jelly. Husband made these puffs yesterday (I’m hopeless at those, but he’s really good at it).

Hmm, must really take a photo of them filled…

facebook memes

Facebook is of course way behind the blog life, memes like this abounded on the blog 5-6 years ago. I was tagged on da facebookie and decided to reuse here. No tagging here, though…

1: My name means double battle, so don’t start messing with me.

2: I am dreadfully lazy, but not many people know this, since I work very fast. Weren’t I lazy, I’d probably have an output worthy of Haydn or Vivaldi. (in volume, that is).

3: I try to control my inner besserwisser but don’t always succeed well enough.

4: I’m very interested in science but hate history.

5: I’m extremely proud of my children,

6: I neither drink coffee or milk, as a matter of fact it’s fairly hard to get me and my husband on a visit since he doesn’t drink tea and I don’t drink coffee.

7: I can’t stand chain letters, always break them (no, this doesn’t count as a chain letter)

8: I’m not religious but still write loads of religious music.

9: I suffer from an internet addiction – Facebook’s the least. But see #2, this doesn’t do much harm.

10: I like most food, except for warm smoked fish.

11: Once went to a huge Rolling Stones concert, got a great seat, really close to the scene but was fairly bored anyway. (sorry, Ragnheiður ;) )

12: My favourite comic strips are Bound and Gagged, Zits and Stone Soup.

13: Favourite colour by far is purple.

14: I have 5 blog pages, but only write on two of them, the rest is only to be able to comment on other blogs without too much hassle.

15: I follow about 150 blogs, fortunately not all of them are very active…

16: One of the things I like the most is having people over for dinner. My blog and irc friends have to suffer my invitations :D

17: I got a CD with my biggest composition yet published before Christmas (yay!)

18: I make music a lot, sing and play, but when I’m home alone I like to have silence around me.

19: Pretty far to the left in politics and have been active in the protests.

20: I distrust various health cure-alls and tend not to take any food supplements – not even Lýsi.

21: I prefer the bathtub over the shower.

22: I can’t eat very much sweet at one time – 1 piece of cake is enough. Good bread, on the other hand…

23: I have incredibly beautiful view out the window in one of my teaching jobs (lhí students, guess where)

24: I don’t like most sports, neither watching nor doing, but bicycling is fun.

25: I think 25 things is about 5-6 too many.

long time

no blogging.

Yes, I’m fine. Been busy with normal life and trying to get the last Central Bank director to resign. A couple of days ago a group of us met up and sang funeral hymns to try to lay to rest the bank government. One out of three – the most hated one still sits there like he owns the bank.

Yes, we’ve got a new government, a social-democratic one. I’m moderately hopeful, they’ll sit there for 82 days iirc and then we’ll have a vote. Sort of scared that the old capitalist party, which is mainly responsible for the economic crash, will get too many votes. They really shouldn’t get the chance to govern for the longest time now, been the big government party for the last 17 years. Horrible.

We’ll see…

Meanwhile life goes basically on as usual for most people here, at the moment I’m sitting in the kids’ music school waiting for orchestra rehearsal to finish, later on in the day we’re having fellow protesters for dinner. We were sort of afraid that now people would save money by taking the kids out of the music schools, but apparently the waiting list only grows longer than usual. Makes me happy, not only since I’ll keep my job, but also I think it shows that people know where the real values lie, and are trying to not let their children suffer in spite of the problems.

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