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Happy new year

everybody :)

5 days

5 Christmas family parties.

Good it’s done, fun, since we have great families but this is really taxing. The best one was my dad’s birthday, yesterday, big family and we took our instruments along and played Christmas songs and other music, and the ones not with instruments, sang along. (most everybody a trained singer). Great fun.

Gleðilega rest (happy rest, we say here), Christmas officially doesn’t stop until the 6th of January.

Gleðileg jól

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, pick one, my dear readers :)


is a pretty good article, here – even though I think it might be just a tiny bit too optimistic.

One can always hope, though. And it is correct that we have faced worse things, at least not 1/3rd of the people are dead…

I wish

some good reporter would make a clip like this on the Icelandic bad guys. And show on television…

White Christmas

Just have to show off a bit, here are the kids from one of the schools I teach at, playing a pretty good arrangement of said song. Middle daughter playing the ‘cello…

echelon day

today we have Echelon day. I suppose you know what that is, but if you want to know a bit more, here‘s something about it.

Let’s everyone mention Echelon somewhere on the net today, be it in a blog, comment, on Facebook, wherever. :)

heh, well…

talking about music export, I just got a letter – and payment – from the Icelandic copyright association, apparently my music’s been played and sung in at least Denmark, England, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary and Germany, last year. Not bad…

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