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chairman of the board

The other day, I was elected a chairman of the board in a company. Probably wouldn’t tell anyone about it – except for that this company doesn’t have the remotest thing to do with money speculations. It’s the Iceland Music Information Centre, mostly owned by the composer’s unions here.

Must remember to add this to my CV :p

Not easy to run a company, nowadays, though…


this guy’s really talented. But wow, some time it must have taken:


yep, I’m here :)

Quite a bit more active on my Icelandic blog than here. Good to know one is missed, though.

On the political front, well not very much, really. Maybe that IMF loan is coming through, I don’t really want it, though. Terribly afraid that it will be used just to float our useless currency and the idiocy will start all over again, plus our kids and grandkids will have to pay out of their noses, all their lives, for this huge loan. I’d much rather just pay for it now, no travels abroad for a few years, porridge for breakfast (my kids love porridge, anyway), try to get the wheels up and running, with innovation and thinking outside our collective boxes. Tourism should be fairly easy, with the króna in free fall – everything’s really cheap here right now – for people with dollars or euros at least.

But, with a huge loan, someone found out that even though there were no interest on the loan, it would take 71, yes seventyone years to pay it off. What’s that all about?

Anyway, the family took the weekend off from Kreppa, went to a summerhouse, owned by husband’s workplace. Some nice food, a couple of bottles of red wine, went outdoor swimming (no, it wasn’t cold), solved crosswords and sudokus and didn’t think of depression at all. Totally nice.


people of the United States of America, with your new president.  The rest of the world rejoices with you.  Well, with some of you :P

Hopefully Obama can bring about some of the changes he has promised. His is a very hard task, for the next years, though.

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