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vice pres

hopefully not, though. Sounds pretty horrible to me!

too late

don’t know about others, but I get tears in my eyes and my throat constricts. And this (and more) to be able to basically give our electricity away to companies like Rio Tinto and Alcoa


the Icelandic handball team is playing for gold in the Olympics. Beating first Poland and today Spain, playing France early Sunday morning.

Cross your fingers for this David against that last Goliath.

A shame we won’t be playing in the World Championship, got thrown out of that one by Macedonia. Weird.

And people wonder

why the current USA is hated by so many people in other countries?

I sincerely hope that a new president and government will change things like these.

heh, and they never will!

Was reading Readers Digest, toilet reading matter, around here, got a new one the other day. Writing about a company, a lady running some new material and wasn’t too happy about it. Her husband: “Do you think Microsoft had the perfect version the first time around?”

I lol’d…

The Great Cleaning

the other day the girls were cleaning the TV lounge, the elder shouted: Mom, I’ve put the PS2 games in the window, there’s no space for them on the shelves.


Sat down with them and we started on the Great Throwing Away of Video Tapes.

Think we threw away about 40 video tapes, some old Good Times spinoffs of Disney films, some ancient tapes copied from TV, mostly children’s stuff, way too childish for the kids, some movies we’ll never watch again, variously dusty.

Huge black plastic bag into the trash. Forgot to take a picture.

Good riddance, at least. Now maybe the Great Throwing Away of Old Clothes day’s looming?


the 14th of August, there are 20 years since I and my husband started going steady (yep, that’s what it was called, back then)

Today we open a Chateau Margaux and toast for the next 20 – at least.

rocks and more

went on a family trip the other day, even slept in a tent (huge one, four rooms, not ours), went for a walk up a valley, which, to put it mildly, wasn’t very vegetated. But the colours of those rocks!:

We walked for the most part, since our car isn’t great for driving offroad.

Flat rocks:
flatt grjót

Coloured rocks:

Gray rocks:
grár klettur

Colour-happy nature:

There was a brook in the valley, in the springtime it fills up the whole valley, sometimes, but this time of year, not so. Even disappears in the middle, down among the rocks:


A small pool in the brook:

Some rock climbing:
rdj klifrar

and wading:

Back to the tents:

Oh, yes, and then of course, we stopped at Jökulsárlón: Doesn’t this one look like a polar bear?
polar bear

amazing, innit?

Also went behind a waterfall, see here:

Some more photos here if anybody’s interested. Some of them family, but loads of nature, too.

Some more

duets, I’ve only got half of them, as of yet (mainly the slow movements)

1st mvm: Allegro. Playing around a bit with 2/4 vs 6/8

2nd mvm: Moderato tranquillo. Double stops, quite a few.

5th mvm: Andante. Some sort of weird modals here. Def not major/minor.

7th mvm: Lento flautando. All flageolets. Pretty hard to play after the sixth mvm – which I’ll bring later on.

Rest will come later…


swimming in a river yesterday, – well, the kids anyway, see here:

Probably horribly dangerous, but, yes, fun!

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