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happy Gay Pride day

today in Reykjavík we have Gay Pride, which here is a huge family festival, almost everyone goes downtown, young and old, to be happy for and with gays and lesbians. Today our (heterosexual) mayor was in drag on one of the wagons – yay him!


Brits and the Dutch say no to the revisions in that bloody (excuse my language) IceSave thing.

Start over…

looooong tiiiime

no blog.

Been pretty busy of late, Four different commissions, two finished, one almost done and one I haven’t started yet (hmm, must find good text, anybody got a fun text I can use – preferably for free)?

Situation here in Iceland, oh well, really don’t want to go into that one. Refer to Alda’s blog for that one, she’s better at this than I am.

We’re doing fine here at home, at least…

we have

a new government, a socialdemocratic one, fiiiiinallyyyy!

I’m more hopeful for our future than I have been in years. Yes, that’s right, years.

Election Day

Voted already, we’re pretty sure it will be a leftist landslide. Yay.


As I’ve said here before, I’m currently chairman of the board in the Iceland Music Information Centre, where Icelandic music is collected and kept so performers and musicologists can have access to it.

Well, we had a fire, yesterday.

Not IN the Centre, but two floors up, but there’s water on the floors and of course smoke everywhere. Just managed to save the brand new security update of the scanned pieces (the update was ongoing when the fire came up – and finished while the fire squad turned out the fire).

Things look a bit better than we were afraid of. There’s a lot of music in there, that would be really hard to find again.

No, we don’t have a fireproof vault. The center is dreadfully underfunded. It wasn’t a question of if, but when, something like this would happen.

Here’s a news article about this.

long time

no blogging.

Yes, I’m fine. Been busy with normal life and trying to get the last Central Bank director to resign. A couple of days ago a group of us met up and sang funeral hymns to try to lay to rest the bank government. One out of three – the most hated one still sits there like he owns the bank.

Yes, we’ve got a new government, a social-democratic one. I’m moderately hopeful, they’ll sit there for 82 days iirc and then we’ll have a vote. Sort of scared that the old capitalist party, which is mainly responsible for the economic crash, will get too many votes. They really shouldn’t get the chance to govern for the longest time now, been the big government party for the last 17 years. Horrible.

We’ll see…

Meanwhile life goes basically on as usual for most people here, at the moment I’m sitting in the kids’ music school waiting for orchestra rehearsal to finish, later on in the day we’re having fellow protesters for dinner. We were sort of afraid that now people would save money by taking the kids out of the music schools, but apparently the waiting list only grows longer than usual. Makes me happy, not only since I’ll keep my job, but also I think it shows that people know where the real values lie, and are trying to not let their children suffer in spite of the problems.


Government’s down. Dead and gone.

Now let’s hope for something a bit better. At least it can’t get any worse, that’s for sure. And the people responsible for the crash aren’t sitting in the catbird seat anymore. Well, the Central Bank dude, but I’m certain that won’t be for long.

Congratulations are in order :D

a group of singers

went downtown earlier tonight and sang over the dead body of the current government. Got on the front page of the biggest online newsagent. I do look a bit foolish on the photo, though :D

everything going crazy

downtown, yesterday and today, haven’t brought my camera but photos abound in Icelandic webpages. Fires (no, not houses or cars, just fairly innocent bonfires), ppl yelling and banging on pots and pans, thousands of us, all day and into the night.


Tonight one of the parties currently in government has had this huge meeting and decided to demand immediate change of government.


Something’s happening, up here.

pepper spray


is a pretty good article, here – even though I think it might be just a tiny bit too optimistic.

One can always hope, though. And it is correct that we have faced worse things, at least not 1/3rd of the people are dead…

I wish

some good reporter would make a clip like this on the Icelandic bad guys. And show on television…

echelon day

today we have Echelon day. I suppose you know what that is, but if you want to know a bit more, here‘s something about it.

Let’s everyone mention Echelon somewhere on the net today, be it in a blog, comment, on Facebook, wherever. :)


yep, I’m here :)

Quite a bit more active on my Icelandic blog than here. Good to know one is missed, though.

On the political front, well not very much, really. Maybe that IMF loan is coming through, I don’t really want it, though. Terribly afraid that it will be used just to float our useless currency and the idiocy will start all over again, plus our kids and grandkids will have to pay out of their noses, all their lives, for this huge loan. I’d much rather just pay for it now, no travels abroad for a few years, porridge for breakfast (my kids love porridge, anyway), try to get the wheels up and running, with innovation and thinking outside our collective boxes. Tourism should be fairly easy, with the króna in free fall – everything’s really cheap here right now – for people with dollars or euros at least.

But, with a huge loan, someone found out that even though there were no interest on the loan, it would take 71, yes seventyone years to pay it off. What’s that all about?

Anyway, the family took the weekend off from Kreppa, went to a summerhouse, owned by husband’s workplace. Some nice food, a couple of bottles of red wine, went outdoor swimming (no, it wasn’t cold), solved crosswords and sudokus and didn’t think of depression at all. Totally nice.


people of the United States of America, with your new president.  The rest of the world rejoices with you.  Well, with some of you :P

Hopefully Obama can bring about some of the changes he has promised. His is a very hard task, for the next years, though.

July 2020